Books have become an important part of our civilization as they are a source of both primary and secondary knowledge. As a hobby, books carry the potential to bring out the best of one’s imagination. Have you ever given it a thought?

JK Rowling brought out a world full of witchcraft and put it down on paper for others to experience. Another example, The Epic of Gilgamesh, is the oldest piece of fictional literary work that has successfully managed to survive through the ages. It is estimated to have been composed in 2000 BCE by a Mesopotamian scribe in clay tablets.

Written in Akkadian language, the tale of Gilgamesh displays exceptional story development in poetic form, all in about 3000 lines in twelve clay tablets. This epic  shows elements like adventure, courage, passion, arrogance, leadership, and spirituality. That is the beauty of literature!

Each country has its share of rich literature. It has been among us for centuries now, and it influences us in the most beautiful ways. Many literary works and manuscripts written on palm leaves or papyrus have survived through ages and are preserved in national libraries of the respective countries.

It is about time you started considering making reading a part of your routine as a hobby. Expose yourself to the wondrous world of stories.

Questioning where to start from? Visit a local library. A library is a portal to the world’s knowledge. Even though the expansion of digital media may have predicted the end of libraries, it never came true and never will. Recalling how the ten-year-old me would excitedly spurt to the library every week to check if the latest edition of my favourite comic book had arrived or not!

Indeed, one small electronic gadget can store several books and is convenient to carry. Still, it does not carry the fragrance of print and paper that mesmerizes and rejuvenates many bookworms. Reading a written work by holding it in hand and flipping through its pages is a sheer joy, and there is no substitute for it!

The credibility of the information you obtain in a library is comparatively much higher than on the internet, and they keep us rooted in our culture. And voracious readers have their library in their houses with a colossal collection of books.

Libraries have repeatedly proven their importance by helping scholars produce new ground-breaking theories or doctors to save the lives of numerous patients. Many magnificent libraries in India and around the world have their own interesting stories. A booklover would cherish a visit to any of these libraries. Bringing people together under one roof to explore through centuries worth of preserved knowledge.

When you hear about preserved documentation, one concern always manages to pop up in mind: termites. Every library around the globe is under the constant threat of termite infestation. Destruction of documents is not a very pleasant thing to witness.

Termites are quite easy to deal with on a small scale, but it gets difficult on a large scale. To deal with this situation, relying on pest management professionals is the best course of action. Their service poses no threat to the documents whatsoever. With that, it is reasonable to imply that you now know a bit more about the thrilling world of books. So go ahead, pick one!

Divyansh Sinha

Divyansh Sinha

Content Writer

Divyansh had completed his schooling from Ratna Memorial Public School, Gorakhpur and would soon begin his under-graduation studies. He describes himself as a chess-enthusiast, cinephile and a music aficionado.

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