In these rough pandemic times, everyone is confined and restricted within their households. Social restrictions can lead to increased mental stress or anxiety because humans are not used to being caged. It is in our nature to explore beyond boundaries.

So, what is the most earthly solution to revive a positive environment without violating the protocols? The answer lies right outside the window – Gardening! The practice of cultivating a 

low-maintenance garden will help you unwind without stepping outside. Flower gardening, vegetable gardening, or working on an urban yard, trees in your garden will re-establish your ties with mother nature.

β€œIn every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks,” said John Mur. Living by his words, you can cultivate a paradise in your front yard, backyard, or even on your terrace!

Gardening will not only lighten up your life but also prove beneficial to the environment. In addition, cultivating a tree yard will give you practical knowledge and experience in growing plants and taking care of them. 

Now that you know the whys, the next step is to identify the unseen challenges you may face through this entire experience. And do not let them intimidate you or come in your way of creating a green yard; this blog has got you covered.

  • Trimming and Pruning – Even plants as appealing as Money plants and creepers can only be allowed to grow to a certain extent; after that, it consumes extra space. Trimming and pruning regulate the growth pattern and maintain the overall health of the plants. 

  • Weed management is another necessary precaution to eliminate the unwanted weeds that suck up all the growth nutrients.

  • Fertilizers – Fertilizers provide the plants with the initial boost that is very crucial to the growth process. While chemical fertilizers are readily available in the market, organic fertilizers can also help your garden thrive and blossom. 

  • Taking care of the unwanted guest – Plants and trees are the embodiment of life itself. Life overflows from every flower, fruit which invites all sorts of creatures towards itself, including those that might harm it. If left unattended, this can become overwhelming very quickly.

  • Ants may seem happy helpers for aerating the soil but may quickly turn into a menace. Ants also protect other insects from natural predators by picking and carrying them around in your small green place. 
  • Flies, sometimes known as filth flies, settle on fertilizers or fungal infestations in your garden plants and pick on all sorts of pathogens, carrying them into nearby households. Thus, flies lead to a health hazard in your yard or even your own house. 

 Just as these annoying creatures damage your garden, a few benevolent ones, too, help maintain the garden in diverse ways. And you would be surprised to discover bugs so divergent in nature right in your yard or terrace!

And while you can rely on tutorials for learning gardening basics, you can rely on certified and experienced professionals for getting rid of pests.

With things in place, now get ready to wake up in the morning and open shutters to flourishing heaven of calming green trees and colourful flowers with birds chirping around and beautiful butterflies circling!

Divyansh Sinha

Divyansh Sinha

Content Writer

Divyansh had completed his schooling from Ratna Memorial Public School, Gorakhpur and would soon begin his under-graduation studies. He describes himself as a chess-enthusiast, cinephile and a music aficionado.

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