India has a rich cultural history owing to the knowledge passed down with written records of lifestyle and medicine with the Vedas, Mahabharata, and Ramayana. And this knowledge has been passed down as an inheritance or teaching of gurus since ancient times. 

Many Indian rulers built schools for learning on Indian soils to spread these teachings. Nalanda University, the world’s first university, was built by King Kumaragupta I in fifth century A.D. Old institutions like the University of Mumbai, Banaras Hindu University continue to teach the ancient languages, Pali and Sanskrit. 

Universities of Calcutta (now Kolkata), Mumbai and Madras (now Chennai), Aligarh Muslim University, Allahabad University, Banaras Hindu University, Calcutta Medical College, Serampore College are eight of the oldest institutions of our country. They stand with tenacity even today. A lot goes into the maintenance, renovation, and re-building of such old buildings of academic excellence.

Colleges built during the colonial era are still standing strong with their prestige and glory intact. The British established IIT Roorkee, one of the oldest colleges of India, in 1847. The institution has withstood many harsh weather conditions, invasion of moulds and pests, and even sudden shocks caused due to shifting plates.

Even now, numerous students are attracted to the idea of colleges with a historical background. Although these colleges are expanding to deliver modern educational reforms and upgrades, most are built on old foundations. Old buildings come with a hidden issue that can inflict severe damage to the structure and bring discomfort to the students interrupting the learning chain. Any guesses as to what causes this? 

Pests, especially termites! They have always been there at the corner of your eye.

Aren’t termites your college alumni, then? I can vouch that many generations of their families have graduated from these old institutions. They refuse to leave the campus and are the uninvited guests in all the alumni meets too! Termite colonies grow very discreetly. The infestation in old buildings can run deep in the hollow walls or the floor, well established and unattended. If taken for granted, termites can prove to be quite detrimental to the structure of the institution. But, of course, you would not want termites as your college alumni, now, would you? 

How to avoid these issues caused by unwelcomed residents? First, as a student, you can raise awareness of the termite problem to your maintenance head. Then, you can present the concern to the authorities and convince them to set up an appointment with trained professionals and pest control for setting up a routine clean-up in the college premises. 

The next time you have a college reunion, you would have gotten rid of these annoying creatures with the timely intervention of professional mitigators.


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