Little something for all the plant parents out there

Little something for all the plant parents out there
Little something for all the plant parents out there


“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies, but never grows to the enduring happiness that the love of gardening gives.” -Gertrude Jekyll, British horticulturist, creator of over 400 gardens in the United Kingdom.

Cooking, painting, learning classical dance and folk music, craftwork are some of the hobbies we cultivated during the lockdown. And we revived a few hobbies which we were not able to pursue because of our erratic and hectic lifestyle. Gardening was one such hobby which was either cultivated or revived in the lockdown period. 

Lockdown came as a boon in disguise for some. They utilised this time to grow plants indoors or on the terrace of their houses. But since terrace gardening is unfeasible in multi-storeyed apartments, indoor gardening became a popular choice for all plant lovers.

The mad craze of decorating the house with plants, ornate or functional, became an instant hit on all social media platforms, thus giving rise to a boom in the sale of many plant saplings and seeds. Moreover, certain indoor plants help purify the air only added to the people’s zeal, especially those living in cities with poor air quality, in gardening indoors as a leisure activity. 

 And the fact that one does not need ample space for indoor gardening makes it even more fulfilling. Moreover, growing indoor plants is extremely easy because of their low maintenance.

Green space within our living space comes with many perks. The very process of gardening is therapeutic. Apart from this, indoor plants help in therapeutic care, reducing stress, boosting mental health, healing faster, increasing productivity. And, of course, they adorn and increase the aesthetic appeal of the place where they are grown.

Pests cannot be far when plants are around. Aphids, mealybugs, thrips, scale insects, spider mites are common pests that attack indoor plants. These pests may cause yellow mottling on leaves or leave white patches on leaves, and scale insect leaves black soot; these are just a few ways pests harm plants. 

Nature lovers prefer natural remedies, and that is a good choice, too! These remedies range from using turmeric water spray to shikakai or soapnut spray, from asafoetida water to neem oil-water, from chilli-ginger-garlic spray to shampoo water spray; the list is endless. These sprays immobilise the pests and check the spread any further. 

Home remedies and DIY solutions are adequate, as long as the menace is nipped in the bud. But, when the pests start spreading and multiplying in number, it is wise to call in professionals. Quoting Hippocrates, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, the best decision would be to take the help of certified pest control management before the situation turns very grave.

So, if you have a green thumb, what are you waiting for? Go, choose from the wide range of indoor plants available, and see your house interiors bloom!

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