The sleep you expected was not found.

Did you mean to type unable to sleep at night/4.04 You will certainly get all the solutions here in thirty seconds.

Maybe you would like to look at:


  1. Your stress at home or workplace.
  2. Your consumption of beverages rich in caffeine just before bedtime
  3. The time you have the last meal of the day
  4. The kind of food you have before going to bed
  5. The number of hours you spend on screen
  6. Following a fitness regimen, if not following one.
  7. Your sleep surroundings 


Sleep is one of the essential needs of human beings for functioning stability. Humans require at least six hours of sleep every day to function efficiently, eight for a  well-rested and rejuvenated mindset. 

However, excess work may lead to a loss of sleep and in extreme cases, it may lead to a condition known as insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects the mood, health, and performance of an individual.

Inadequate sleep or lack of sleep is the root cause of diseases like heart and kidney, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, anxiety, and depression. Also, the efficiency of the brain declines. 

The question lurking in your mind now is, can the sleeplessness bug be fixed? Of course, it can be! 


Seven simple ways to fix sleeplessness

  • Listen to relaxing music, and shower before bedtime

Stress at home and the workplace can affect the mental health of a person and lead to a lack of sleep. Try avoiding stress by planning things and relaxing at regular intervals, listening to soulful music, and having a lukewarm shower before bedtime. All this could do the trick.

  • Avoid or re-schedule caffeine in all forms.

If you are one of those late-night caffeine consumers, stop it this instant before it renders you sleepless. Although caffeine is known to eliminate drowsiness, enhance efficiency and aid in mental alertness, it is also known to interfere with the sleep schedule. But to pamper your coffee or tea cravings, drink it early in the morning or any time before evening.

  • Have an early supper

Having dinner within two hours before bedtime would leave you feeling heavy and lead to loss of sleep. The digestive process slows down towards evening, and this causes obesity, inability to sleep, increased blood sugar levels, among other ailments. So, have supper two hours before bedtime for a sound sleep at night.

  • Shun high fat, protein, sugar, and alcohol in your last meal of the day

Having celebratory dinners with high fat, protein and spices, and alcohol is a common occurrence. However, consuming rich food and alcohol late in the evening renders your body exhausted and feeling lethargic, and you feel unable to sleep. So, do not hesitate to shun unhealthy food at night.

  • Reduce screen hours

Prolonged screen hours cause disturbed or diminished sleep, apart from anxiety, obesity, reduced attention span, and chronic neck and backaches, especially in children. Set a precedent, reduce your screen time, and quit working on screen two hours before your bedtime, just like your supper.

  • Adopt a fitness routine

The underlying cause for many problems is the lack of a fitness routine. And Regular exercise is known to relax your body and induce good sleep, be it morning or evening. Yoga or gym, brisk walk or a run, aerobics or Pilates, there are more options to choose from; follow a fitness regimen that suits your convenience.

  • Check your surroundings, your sleep space.

Are you tossing and turning in your bed all through the night? It could be the monstrous mosquitoes or the demonic bed bugs, or bed mites. It may call for prompt professional action, make the place pest-free and enjoy undisturbed sleep

All life forms require sleep for a healthy life. Plants sleep, too! Humans need it for both physical and mental well-being.

Now sit up, take stock of your daily routine, and refresh your lifestyle button. If sleep eludes you even now, consult a doctor.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”Thomas Dekker, English dramatist.


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